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german silver sink | restoration | polishing

The restoration of this custom german silver sink included resizing to our customer’s specifications.  The highly polished finish gave it new life.


  1. I am restoring a kitchen pantry built in 1929. I am looking for information on restoring the original 83″ German silver daul sink. Please let me know how to contact you via phone to discuss further.



  2. I am interested in purchasing an antique German silver about mount
    39X24 two sided sink. Do you have any ideas on where to locate an old one or if I have to where to buy a new one!!

    Thank you,
    Sharon Jacob

  3. I loved seeing the beautiful German silver sink that you restored. I have a similar old sink in the pantry of my home near Boston and would love to provide it with a new finish. I am not in a position to remove it and ship it to you (unfortunately) but would love to hear your thoughts on restoring it in place (which no doubt would never be as good as doing it in a shop). I have gone at it a few times with brass polish and a rash and had only a very modest effect on its patina, which at present is fairly dull. I polished a small section with brass polish and very fine steel wool and did see some shin emerge but frankly became anxious that I would damage the surface and stopped.



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