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tea set silver service silver plate repair tea set silver service silver plate repair afterHere is a before and after of a complete coffee and tea set that we re-silver plated.  If you have a complete set with tray, it will qualify for a 10% discount on our services.  If you would like to discuss your particular restoration needs, you can contact us at


  1. The handle on the mini coffee pot set is pulled off. Can you weld this handle back on the mini coffee pot. My set is silver plated and very beautiful. Please let me know by e mail. Thanks

    martha warner

  2. I have a tea set from my deceased mother-in-law (EPCA Lancaster Roser by Toole or Poole 400). It is pretty but in bad shape as I think she cleaned it almost too much and wore the silver off the sugar bowl and perhaps even some other things. It has a coffee pot, tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl and then I had bought her a nice Gorham tray (which is in great shape!). The sugar bowl is is very bad shape with most of the silver not even there around the rim where the design is and both handles have broken off and need to be resoldered. Is it possible to repair the sugar bowl and resilver it? There are a couple of divits that need to be bumped out of a couple of other pieces. What do you think? Is this worth putting the money into fixing it? Thank you for your help.

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